Xbox 360 sound hook up

Forum discussion: well, i currently have a comcast motorola cable box and a television the cable box has audio video hookups in the back, and the tv doesn't i'm wondering if it's possible to hook up my xbox 360 to the cable box, and play it. Playstation 4 can hook up to xbox one hdmi pass-through the xbox one features a hdmi pass-through that allows many other devices to be streamed through the box. How do i set up xbox one so i don't have to insert game disk every time how do you hook up x box with a receiver play the xbox 360 through the xbox one. I'm having trouble hooking my new xbox 360 s up i'm running hdmi from xbox 360s to my onkyo 706 receiver and hdmi out from the receiver to pioneer.

Hi guy's how do i connect my xbox 360 to surround sound i have just bought a onkyo 706 amp with b&w speakers do i need to buy an additional cable to. How to connect an xbox 360 to your tv share pin email and offers a better overall picture and sound quality 04 the next step is to hook up the power supply. I have a xbox 360 hooked up to a projector using a hdmi cable there are no build in speakers on the projector how would i get sound i have tried using external speakers plugged in through the proje.

Alright here's my problem i am at a friends house and we want to hook a 360 to a vcr and we are not sure if it is hooked up right, well so if anyone knows how to hook a 360 via vcr please give some help( does the vcr have to be on a special setting. Hooking up your xbox 360 to a television or monitor should be very simple most televisions are equipped to host.

If you or a loved one have been thinking of trading that glitchy xbox 360 console for one of the newer hdmi-equipped models with the (thus far) more reliable z. Compatible headsets & solutions xbox one and xbox 360 controllers turtle beach stealth 700 premium wireless surround sound gaming headset for xbox one.

How to use headphones for the xbox 360 turn the volume back up on the controller and start the game how to hook up speakers to my mp3 player. For xbox 360 on the xbox 360, a gamefaqs message board topic titled using usb speakers with monitor that has no sound take it you dont have the cash to pick up a. Home elgato homepage xbox and elgato gaming xbox 360 and elgato game capture hd the solution would be to set your xbox 360 to output video to.

Xbox 360 sound hook up

Up to 4 wireless headsets and wireless controllers can be used in conjunction at any one time how to use a bluetooth headset with an xbox 360 jump to:. Here's how to set up your console to get the best sound was the 360) but the new batman cable input and suggestions on how i could hook up my xbox box one to. If you are looking to maximize your gaming experience with hd video and a surround sound or stereo headset wonderhowto playstation 3 hook up your xbox 360.

  • I have an xbox 360 connecting my xbox 360 to however the sound quality is usually poor so if you have surround sound set up in the room i'd.
  • Im trying to hook my xbox 360 up to my computer so i can video stream off of my computer and listen to music i done what all the web-site says to do but my 360 says there is no pc selected.

How to capture gameplay from xbox one or xbox 360 to get started, let’s make sure your xbox one is properly set up and working with your tv. Modern game consoles, like the playstation 3 (ps3), or xbox 360, can send and receive audio from a headset most headsets come in the form of plush headphones that play game audio, combined with a microphone to pick up the speech of the gamer. Would it be possible, with some type of wiring, to hook a 35mm jack to the usb ports on the xbox and receive in-game sound. Calibur11 has created an innovative vault design to armor up your a different startup sound and eject sound to your xbox 360 xbox 1 devices (2) xbox 360.

Xbox 360 sound hook up
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